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loan insurance

 Loan Insurance Products

 GAP -

Guaranteed Asset Protection - GAP will cover a deficiency due to the total loss of a motor vehicle up to the policy limit of $50,000. This coverage is currently provided to CCU members at our low cost on all qualifying auto loans. 

Life Insurance with Total & Permanent Disability Benefit

CCU offers credit life insurance on qualifying loans that reduces or pays off your eligible loan balance should you die up to the policy maximums. This coverage is available to CCU members for a low monthly premium. Some restrictions may apply. 

Credit Disability Insurance:

When you choose to protect your loans with credit disability insurance, you're planning for your family's financial future. If you're disabled from work due to injury or sickness, your monthly loan payments will be paid until you're no longer disabled, your loan is paid off, or you reach your policy maximum. This policy is currently offered to members for only $0.16 per $100 of your monthly loan balance. Let our staff know you want credit disability insurance on your loan when you apply.